The Big Read 2014: Deepening the Lenten Journey through Barefoot Prayers

Blue Ridge Ministries would like to invite you to join others from around the world in reading Barefoot Prayers, a collection of poetic prayers for each day of the Lenten and Easter season. Canon Stephen Cherry of Durham Cathedral, England, whom we met on a Celtic pilgrimage in 2012, shares soundings from the depths of the soul in the poetic prose of these “barefoot prayers”. Stephen’s publisher invited me to offer an endorsement for this book which follows:

“The title of this book says it well. Step into the Lenten season with shoes off, feeling the ground of life with senses fully alert to the daily encounters in vulnerable ways. Stephen Cherry is a wise and gracious spiritual guide whose prayers magnificently touch the wide range of human experience.”
—Sheryl Shenk, spiritual director and founder of Blue Ridge Ministries, Harrisonburg, VA

For deeper and participatory engagement, see Stephen Cherry’s video on the web that provides both readings of the prayers and an explanation for each of the chapter headings for the 8 weeks of the Lenten season. The book is available from Amazon through several independent sellers from the US.


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